Go on the Bright Light Tour in Toronto with Simcoe.

Monday April 6th, 2015

This summer, you’ll have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the history of Toronto by winding through the streets with a Simcoe bike! Curbside Cycle, which is located in the uber-popular Annex neighborhood in Toronto, had a brilliant idea: offer visitors guided tours of Toronto using a fleet of 16 Simcoe bicycles. Curbside_Logo1The tours, named Bright Light Tours, are guided by several experts, including the Toronto Star’s architecture journalist and many city historians. Think of these tours as a new spin on the red city tour busses that bring tourists around the city—only more eco-friendly and fun! What could be more fun and healthy than pedalling throughout Toronto’s awesome neighborhoods while listening to guides explain the city’s remarkable history and landmarks? You’ll become immersed in all of what Toronto has to offer. Undoubtedly, it’s an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss.

Who knows? You may even become a history buff!