The Story of the City Bicycle

This is a bicycle that was first created in a bike shop, shaped by greasy hands over a floor covered with broken spokes and rusted chains. This is a brand that was born in the North, but has rolled south through tunnels and over land. This bicycle’s geometry is designed for hills and valleys, laneways and alleys. Every angle, diameter, and component is a commitment to the craft of virtuous motion.

Simcoe builds bicycles for the city. Our experience dates back to 2004, when we were the first company to import European city bikes to North America. We quickly realized their elegant design was not practical—hills were dreaded and stairs were unconquerable. Our cities needed something that was sophisticated but quick underfoot—robust but easy to carry into a walk-up.

Simcoe bicycles are designed for those who ride at dawn, who unlock their bikes after the first snow, or who carry groceries and shopping.

Through this ride freedom